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On March 23, 2020 Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State issued a "Stay home, stay healthy" order for the initial two week shutdown. An unprecedented move in public health, this proclamation has continued in one form or another, interfering in the commerce, security, health, and lives of Washington residents ever since. Piling on top of the shutdown, now vaccination mandates and passports are being implemented in the name of public health and safety.

Do these measures actually help us in the long run? The good intentions of political leaders seem to have overshadowed the objective evidence of data, scientists, and scholars world wide. An open and robust conversation is imperative to move society past the hysteria and hype.

4 easy steps to discovery

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01. Listen to new information

Well-known physician interviews NY Times reporter

Dr. Drew acknowledges possibility of censorship for this interview discussing public policy momentum

02. Expand your horizons

EU Parliament Press Conference

Leaders across Europe representing the full political spectrum discuss flaws of compulsory vaccination

03. Develop Critical thinking skills

Senate Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable discussion with vaccine injured and medical experts on federal vaccine mandates

04. Build a Foundation of knowledge

OAN One America News

3-part video: Frontline doctor clarifies information surrounding COVID-19

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