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The following print-ready handouts will help you learn and share information with others

Information, Handouts and Downloads

180 questions about the COVID vaccines that nobody wants to answer

Detailed and lengthy presentation including video, links, and explanation of data detailing the undisclosed problems with the COVID-19 vaccines. Gives specific examples of harm sustained and unexplained phenomenon which appears related to vaccines but to which the influence of vaccination has often been denied. A must-see for parents.

VAERS Covid Vaccine Adverse Events Reports

"Red Box" Summaries. Provides a reconfiguration of data derived from US Dept. of Health and Human Services Vaccine Adverse Events Report System (VAERS) to feature relevant information in an easy to read, printer-friendly format.

A Guide to Homebased Covid Treatment


A Step-By- Step Doctors Plan that Could Save Your Life

The Vaccine Death Report

Investigative journalist David John Sorensen and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Vladimir Zelenko reveal the impacts of the covid injections, Includes data, video, and hundreds of references.

Letter to Employee


Informative handout for employees. May be used by patrons or employers to educate workers about their rights and responsibilities in enforcing mask or injection mandates.

Informed Consent Informational Material


Letter to parents considering injection for their children. Contains explanation of vaccine mechanism of action and facts with links to help parents make a well-informed decision. Downloadable PDF

The Pfizer Inoculation For COVID-19 More Harm Than Good

Pfizer's own 6 month report data on its COVID-19 inoculation shows that greater illness and death in the inoculation arm than the placebo arm. Plus, poor trial design, missing data, underpowered studies, passive surveillance and more.

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